Workflow presets

Our preset workflows have been curated to offer a quick and easy way to select and tweak some of the most commonly used tagging workflows.

How to use the workflow presets

Finding a preset

The presets can be filtered in two simple ways. The first, is to select the workflow categories you are interested in from the left-hand column:

The second method is to enter a search term to find workflow presets by name:

Once you've found a workflow preset that covers the tagging automation you are looking to achieve, click on the Create Workflow link:

Tweaking the preset workflow

The workflow builder will then be displayed with the preset configuration, including a default workflow name so that it can be easily identified within your list of workflows. Feel free to change the workflow title to suit your needs:

Depending on the preset selected, either fixed tags or dynamic tags will have been pre-configured:

Feel free to change those tags to tag names that suit your needs, but please remember that workflows can only be saved if they are configured to either add tags or remove tags from an order.

Testing your workflow

Once you are happy with the settings configured in your workflow, we advise that you test it against some of your existing orders to make sure that it will tag orders as expected.

To do this, click on the Test your workflow button which can be found in the Workflow Summary section on the right-hand side of the workflow builder:

To learn more about testing, please read our article on testing your workflows.

That's it!

Start from scratch

If you don't find what you're looking for with the presets you can use the Get started button to start a new workflow from scratch. The workflow builder will then be displayed for you to configure the workflow to suit your needs:

Need a little help?

If you could use a helping hand getting your workflow configured then you can use the floating button to contact us. We aim to get back to you within a few hours. Although entering your Shopify Store URL is optional, this is often very useful information for us to start helping you. 

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