Removing tags

Each Order Tagger workflow needs to be configured to either add or remove tags.

Removing tags is a great way to move an order through a workflow during fulfillment, as the presence or absence of certain tags can indicate the stage that an order is at.

There are two tag removal options available within the workflow builder.

Both tag removal options can be specified under the Remove Tags step in the workflow builder, this article provides an overview of how they can be configured.

Remove tags from the order

The first option within the Remove Tags step of the workflow builder allows you to define one or more tags to be removed from the order if all of the criteria within the workflow are met.

Simply enter the name of the tag to be removed into the text box and then click the Add tag to remove button:

If there is a tag to be removed, it will be done so once all workflows have been run against an order.

Tag removals work best in the following scenarios:

Workflow Delays - If you have other apps and services applying tags to your orders, then using the global delay feature in Order Tagger will ensure that those tags have had time to be applied to your orders. The tag removal feature will then be able to remove any tags that are no longer required.

When not using the "order created" trigger - If you're using one of our other triggers, e.g. order fulfilled, order partially fulfilled, order cancelled, Order Tagger can remove any tags that exist on the order at the time those triggers are fired.

Please Note:

Only tags that were applied to the order when we received the order can be removed. Order Tagger can't apply a tag in one workflow and then ask for it to be removed in another workflow.

Tags get applied and removed once ALL workflows have been run against an order, therefore, the tag needs to be on the order already for us to be able to remove it.

Scheduled tag removals

With this option enabled, after a specified period of time, Order Tagger will automatically go back to that order and remove ALL tags that were applied by the workflow.

For further information, read our article on Scheduled tags removal

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