Workflow testing

Order Tagger has a very useful feature that enables you to test your workflows against existing orders.
By selecting a specific order, you can test your workflow prior to saving, thereby giving you the confidence that your Triggers & Criteria have been set up correctly. You can then save the workflow in the knowledge that orders will be tagged as expected.

This is especially useful if you plan to use our backdating service ( what is backdating and how does it work?).

Test your workflow

If you are wanting to test an existing workflow, then you can enter the workflow builder view by clicking on either the Edit or Copy buttons on the right-hand side of your existing workflow list:

You will see that there is a Test your workflow button within the Workflow Summary section of the workflow builder view:

Test your workflow against a specific order number 

You can test your workflow against a specific order number. Enter the order number and click the Find order button, or scroll through the list of latest 24 orders to select your order.

This test will be run against an order in its current state. If you have other applications that change the order (adding tags, order attributes etc.) the test may not have an accurate result.

Click the Test # button to the right of the order details to run your workflow against the order. Within seconds the Test Results will display which tags, if any, would be placed against the order:

Test your workflow against another order number

Once you have tested your workflow you are provided with the option to either close the window or test this workflow against another order number. This will take you back to the previous page where you can search for a specific order number or scroll through the 24 most recent orders and repeat the testing process.

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