Can I remove the gradient displayed at the top and bottom of the video?

During the first seconds of a video, YouTube displays some controls and branding, they add the YouTube channel icon, YouTube logo, and the video title at the top during the first seconds of the video. And unfortunately, this is something that we can't control from our side since it's Youtube that displays it. 

To avoid confusing your customers with YouTube information and to make your video look more professional, we have created a gradient effect at the top and the bottom of the video for a few seconds in order to hide this information. 

However, if you don't want to display any gradient effect, you can disable it by making it transparent. Just do the following:

  • From the app's preference page> Go to 'Configured videos'
  • Locate your video and select settings (Video camera icon)
  • Scroll down to 'Advanced options' section
  • Select the Gradient Colour option 'None'.

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