Tag orders where the Customer name does not match the shipping address name

If you'd like to highlight orders that are likely to be purchased as Gifts for another person, i.e. placed by one person but shipped to a different person - then our Customer name does not match the shipping address name criteria can do just that.

This criteria will compare the first name and last name entered as the billing details against the first name and last name of the shipping address. If they are different, then the workflow will match and any tags you have specified will be applied to the order.

In this article, we'll explain why this is useful, how to set this up and, recommend an alternative approach to using this criteria to highlight gift orders.

Use Case

When a Merchant fulfills their orders, they may wish to choose whether to include a paper invoice/receipt, which includes product prices, or, a packing slip that does not display any pricing for orders identified as being sent to a different recipient as a gift.

Merchants are likely to fulfill a number of orders at the same time, therefore, printing a batch of order invoices or packing slips is time-efficient.

If the orders to be fulfilled can be filtered based on whether they are a gift or not, then the Merchant can batch print packing slips for gift orders and invoices for non-gift orders, saving a great deal of unnecessary labour and paper waste.

How to use the criteria

To create a workflow using this criteria, click on the Create New Workflow button from the main Workflows view:

Define the trigger to determine at which point you would like the workflow to run, we recommend selecting the trigger when orders are created.

Click the Add criteria to my workflow button:

The Customer name does not match the shipping address name criteria can be found within the Customer category in the Select criteria pop-up window:

Click the Use in your workflow button to select this criteria.

You will then see that there are no further configurable options within the criteria:

Defining the Tag name

Define the tag name/names that you would like to be applied when this workflow matches your criteria (don't forget to click the Add fixed tag button):

Saving and naming your workflow

It's worth giving your workflow a name to help you identify it at a later date, so add a workflow name in the New Workflow section, check the summary of your workflow and if happy, either Test your Workflow against an existing order or hit Save Workflow:

If a new order is placed where the customer's first name and last name are different from the shipping address first name and last name, it will be tagged with the fixed tag of your choice.

Alternative approaches

Whilst this approach to highlighting Gift orders is not ideal, it has helped some of our Merchants to process Gift orders efficiently, albeit with a few edge cases where orders were not gifts, but the names provided for billing and shipping differed slightly.

We would prefer that Merchants use a mechanism such as a checkbox on the front-end of their website to allow customers to mark an order as a gift order. This can be done with the addition of some basic code to your theme's cart page (if you use a cart page). 

Additional data fields such as this are called Cart Attributes or Order Attributes and are saved to the order. They then appear on the right-hand side of the order in Shopify in the Additonal Details section.

Unfortunately, we don't offer any theme customization services, but we recommend that you either seek advice from the Shopify Theme Support team (if you are using a Shopify theme), or, to speak to your Shopify development freelancer/team/agency to see if they can integrate a cart attribute for gift orders into your theme.

Here is an example of how simple the code is that could be implemented into your cart.liquid template:

This would then appear on the cart page as follows:


If a customer selects this option before checking out, when the order is placed, the order attribute key:value pairing of Gift:Yes will appear on the right-hand side of the order in Shopify in the Additional Details section:


If the checkbox is left unchecked, then the order attribute will not appear in the order.

You can then use our Order Attributes (Additional details criteria, to look for orders that have an order attribute name of Gift with a value of Yes, and if so, tag them with a tag of your choice.

There are also gift wrap apps or custom attribute apps in the Shopify app store that could also help you to achieve a similar functionality: 

Will this work with Backdating?

Yes, this criteria is available to use in our backdating service. Find out more about backdating?.

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