Tag orders based on the quantity of products of a certain product type in the order

This criteria allows you to highlight orders that contain multiple quantities of products of a particular product type.

In Shopify, product types can help you to manage your products. For example, you can use the product type as a condition for an automated collection or help you filter your products via the Shopify admin area. A product can have only one product type.

When this criteria is run against an order, the quantity of all matching line items will be added together and then tested against the quantity value/condition that you specify to see if the criteria have been matched.

How to use the criteria

To create a workflow using this criteria, click on the Create New Workflow button from the main Workflows view:

Define the  Workflow Trigger to determine at which point you would like the workflow to run, we recommend selecting the trigger when orders are created.


Click the Add criteria to my workflow button:


The Quantity of products of a certain type in the order criteria can be found within the Product category in the Select criteria pop-up window:


Click the Use in your workflow button on the right to select this criteria.

You will then be presented with a number of criteria options to configure:


Criteria Options

There are two values that can be configured within this criteria.  One is the Product Type, and the other is the Quantity.

Product Type

Please enter the product type exactly how it appears on your products, including any spaces or capital letters. For example, if the product type you wish to highlight in this workflow is Mountain Bike:


Then you need to ensure that the value that you enter into the workflow matches that product type exactly:


Product type quantity conditions

The product type quantity conditions specify how the value that you enter should be evaluated against the total quantity of matching line items. The options are:

  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than
  • Less than or equal to
  • Equal to

The criteria will default to the is equal to condition:

Select the condition and enter the quantity required for this criteria to match an order.

Name your workflow and hit Save, and that's it!


This criteria will work if you choose to Backdate your orders.

Dynamic Tagging

It is not possible to apply this criteria using Dynamic Tags.

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