Tag orders based on the Product Variant Barcode

If you'd like to tag orders based on the value of any of the Product Variant Barcodes in the order,  then this criteria will help to identify them.

How to use the criteria

To create a workflow using this criteria, click on the Create New Workflow button from the main Workflows view:

Click the Add criteria to my workflow button:

The Product Variant Barcode criteria can be found within the Product category in the Select criteria pop-up window:

Click the Use in your workflow button on the right to select this criteria.

You will see that there are a number of criteria options available to you, these can target any of barcodes in the order or all of them.


Criteria Options

The following Criteria options allow you to check the Product Variant Barcode for various matches:

contain: Does the Product Variant Barcode contain the string you have specified anywhere in the value?does NOT contain: Does the Product Variant Barcode NOT contain the string you have specified anywhere in the value?is: Does the Product Variant Barcode exactly match the string you have specified?is NOT: Does the Product Variant Barcode NOT match the exact string you have specified?begin with: Does the Product Variant Barcode begin with the string you have specified?in: Does the Product Variant Barcode match exactly any of the provided comma separated list of values?

Select a criteria option based on what you are trying to identify in your Product Variant Barcode value.

You can now either add a Fixed Tag to matching orders:


Click the Add dynamic tag button. In the popup window select Product Variant Barcode from the dropdown selector and then click Add Dynamic Tag:

Saving and naming your workflow

It is mandatory to name your workflow to save or edit it. Otherwise, you won't be able to save the changes or even test them. Then, check the summary of your workflow, and if happy, either Test your Workflow against an existing order or hit Save Workflow::

Any new orders placed that qualify for the workflow will automatically be tagged with your Fixed Tag and a Dynamic Tag of the Product Variant Barcode if you choose that option.

Will this workflow work with Backdating?

Yes, this workflow is available to backdate using our backdating service.

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