How long does it take for Order Tagger to apply a tag?

The majority of the time Order Tagger will apply the tag instantly. When an order is created, Shopify will send Order Tagger a webhook. This webhook notifies us of the new order and kicks off an action for us to look at the order details and determine what tags it needs. 

During extremely busy times or when there's a delay in Shopify sending us the webhook the time to apply the tag might vary but it should apply a tag within a minute or two during high traffic times.

There may be occasion where a delay on tagging is desirable. As Order Tagger performs tagging in a matter of seconds, adding a delay to when we apply your workflows to the order can prevent clashes with other apps. Delayed Tagging gives those other apps a chance to add order data that your Order Tagger workflows are configured to look for. To read more about this please see the article on Delayed Tagging

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