How to find the App ID within a Shopify Order

When an order is created by a third-party app, such as ReCharge it's allocated an App ID by Shopify to identify what app has created the order. Each app that creates orders using the API will be allocated a unique ID. This is a great way to identify which app has created the order. 

Using Order Tagger, you can create a workflow which tags the order based on what sales channel it has come from. This workflow is powered by the app ID, therefore we have put together a simple step by step guide to finding that App ID and adding it into your workflow:

Finding the App ID:

The first step is to view an example order in its Raw JSON format:

Navigate to a recent order made by this sales channel, for this example, we will use ReCharge Payments. 


When you are viewing that order in Shopify Orders, add '.json' to the end of the URL and click enter


You will now see a plain text version of the order, use the command/control find feature within the browser and search 'app_id':


This will reveal the app ID for this sales channel: 294517.


That's it, you have now identified the app ID for that sales channel!

Find out how to create a new sales channel workflow using the app ID

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