How to find the app_id associated with a 3rd Party Sales Channel

Orders can be created in Shopify via third-party apps, which are known as Sales Channels. Each Sales Channel is allocated a unique App ID which will appear within the order data.

Using Order Tagger, you can create a workflow that tags orders based on which sales channel was used to create the order. We have put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to find the App ID and use it within your workflow:

Finding the App ID

The first step is to view an example order in its Raw JSON format:

Navigate to a recent order made by the Sales Channel that you are trying to identify, for this example, we will use ReCharge Payments:


When you are viewing that order in Shopify Orders, add '.json' to the end of the URL and click enter:


You will now see a plain text version of the order details. Use the command/control F find feature within your browser and search for 'app_id':


This will show you the app_id attribute associated with the sales channel that placed this order in your Shopify store. In this example, the app_id is 294517:


That's it, you have now identified the app_id for that sales channel!

To create a workflow based on a Sales Channel's app_id, please visit our article on Tagging orders based on the sales channel used and scroll down to the section Other - Tagging orders created by a 3rd Party Sales Channel.

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