Saving your filtered orders as a view

The Orders view within the Shopify Admin area has a number of filters available for viewing orders that meet certain criteria.

Please take a look at our article on how to filter your orders by a specific tag for more information on how to use the filtering tools available.

Why save a filtered view of your orders?

Whether you've filtered your orders by location, by tag or even by fulfillment status, you can save these combinations of filters as a new tab within the Orders view in your Shopify Admin area.

These saved views allow you to see all orders that match specific filters quickly at any point in the future. This can be extremely useful when:

  • You have a complex fulfillment process where an order progresses through a number of stages. Tags could be manually applied or removed for the order to show up in different saved views.
  • You wish to prioritise the fulfillment of certain orders.
  • Your backoffice is split into teams of staff responsible for different processing specific orders

By allocating colleagues/teams to work on orders from a specific saved view, each person or team in the process is aware of which orders they are responsible for.

How to save a filtered view

Once you have selected and applied your filters, you will need to save them.

Please Note:

You can only save your order filters using your Shopify admin on your desktop computer.


  1. After you have filtered your orders, click the Save view button from within the toolbar near the top of the page:


  2. Enter a name for your new saved view, and then click the Save view button:


  3. You will now see your saved view in the available tabs at the top of the screen. Click the name of the saved view that you created to view that list of filtered orders:


Saved views are dynamic and are updated automatically based on whether an order still meets the criteria of the saved view or not. For example, if you saved a filter to only show Unfulfilled orders, then any orders that are subsequently fulfilled will be removed from that saved view automatically.

How to edit a filtered view

It is not possible to edit the filters that you have selected in a saved view. If you need to make changes to the filters in your saved view, then you will need to delete the saved view and create a new one. To delete a view, click on the Edit view button in the toolbar near the top of the screen and then click on the Delete view link or icon:


Changing the name of a saved view

If you wish to change the name of your saved view, then click on the Edit view button in the toolbar near the top of the page:


Provide the new name of the view  in the View name field and then click the Save view button:


The tab at the top of the orders list screen will then be updated with your new view name.

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