How to filter your Shopify orders by a specific tag

There are 2 ways to display a filtered view of Shopify orders that contain a specific tag:

1. Using the quick link from within the Order Tagger App

2. Using the filters in the Shopify Admin Orders List

From within the Order Tagger App

Within Order Tagger, we provide a simple link on each of your workflows that will allow you to quickly view all orders containing that tag in your Shopify Admin area.

Within the Workflows view of Order Tagger, you will see a list of your existing workflows:

Each tag in green acts as a link to a filtered view of Orders that contain that tag in your Shopify Admin Orders List view:

When you click on the tag name, you will be redirected to your Shopify Admin area and to a view of your Orders List filtered by that tag name: 

That's it, you can use this simple link within the Order Tagger app to quickly navigate to orders containing specific tags in your Shopify Admin area.

From within the Shopify Admin area

Alternatively, you could use the built-in filter functionality within the Shopify Admin Orders view.

Start by navigating to your Orders view in the Shopify Admin area.

Click on the Filter button at the top right of the Orders view:

Click on the Tagged with filter from the available options:

Type in the tag name that you wish to filter your orders by. The orders view will start updating in the background:

Click the  Done button and then only orders with that tag will be displayed:

Filtering Shopify orders by multiple tags

If you need to filter your Shopify orders by more than one order tag in the Shopify Admin, then you'll know that this is not easy to achieve, however, the following article explains how you can tweak the Shopify Admin URL to display a set of filtered Shopify orders based on multiple tags:

How to filter Shopify Orders by multiple tags

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