How to tag orders with the Local Pickup location

Shopify introduced their local pickup feature across all Shopify plans in April 2020 to help retailers navigate the challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With local pickup, your customers can skip the shipping rates and opt to pick up their online orders in-store, curbside, or from other locations that you choose, such as a warehouse.

Merchants using Order Tagger were keen to have their orders tagged with the selected location so that they could see at a glance where the order was to be fulfilled from, without needing to filter their Shopify Orders List view.

Another reason for tagging local pickup orders is that the data that identifies a local pickup order is not clearly identifiable from looking at the order data. If a Merchant has connected their store to a Shipping or logistics service, then tagging the order with the selected local pickup location is a useful way for those services to understand what needs to happen with that order.

To set-up and configure this workflow, take a look at our article on tagging orders with the store pickup location.

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