Tag orders where a tip has been received

If you'd like to tag orders that included a tip from a Customer, our Order Tip Amount criteria will help you to identify orders that either contain a tip amount or those that don't.

How to use the criteria

To create a workflow using this criteria, click on the Create New Workflow button from the main Workflows view:

Click the Add criteria to my workflow button:

The Order Tip Amount criteria can be found within the Transaction category in the Select criteria pop-up window:

Click the Use in your workflow button to select this criteria.

Popular use case:

For illustration purposes, let's say that we'd like to tag any order where a tip of any value was given by the customer.

Select  Greater than from the available options:

Add 0 as the value.

Choose the name of the tag you'd like to see on all orders that match this workflow and enter it into the Tag the order with section. In this example we have used the tag Tip Included:

Click on the Add fixed tag button.

It's worth giving your workflow a name to help you identify it at a later date, so add a workflow name in the New Workflow section, check the summary of your workflow and if happy, hit Save Workflow:

Any new order will now be checked to see if it has an Order Tip Amount of Greater than 0. If it does, it will be tagged with the name of the fixed tag that you have selected.

The options within this workflow allow you to set-up a tagging structure based on the amount of tip received if you'd like to identify those orders differently.


This criteria option will work when Backdating your orders.

Dynamic Tagging

The Order Tip Received value can also be applied to the order as a Dynamic Tag.

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