CT - Pricing Plans

The following plans are available within the Customer Tagger app:

Free plan

Our Free to Install plan is great for new stores and is available to all Shopify plans. This plan allows you to choose from hundreds of criteria and create an unlimited number of workflows, but the number of processed automation per month is limited to 5. 

Backdating orders is not available at this plan.

Growth Plan - $15.99 per month

Our Growth plan consists of the Free to Install features, plus our Shopify Flow Trigger feature. The Shopify Flow Trigger feature can be used to trigger a Workflow in Shopify Flow once Customer Tagger has finished tagging a customer.Read more about our Flow Trigger feature here.

On this plan, the number of automation processed per month is limited to 250, and any additional automation will be billed at $0.0125 USD / Automation up to $100 USD.

Backdating orders is available at this plan. The backdating job cost is $10 for the first 1000 orders and $2 for every additional 1000 after that.

There is no free trial period with this plan.

Enterprise Plan - $99.99 per month

Unlimited Everything! On the Enterprise Plan, the number of automation per month is UNLIMITED, as well as you get unlimited backdating jobs. 

Plus, we offer a personalized onboarding session with our customer success team. 

There is no free trial period with this plan.


None of our plans work for you? Let's create a custom pricing plan together. Contact us now.


Backdating is only available to Merchants that are on a paid Shopify Plan. Therefore, Merchants that are on the Customer Tagger free plan, unfortunately, will not be able to take advantage of this feature.

Backdating varies in price depending on the number of orders that you need to process.

For more information about backdating and pricing, please read this article.

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