Segment Black Friday Shoppers

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, now is a great time to prepare your marketing segments and schedule your email activity. 

A great place to start is targeting all customers who bought something in your Black Friday sale last year. This segment of customers are familiar with your brand and probably got themselves a bargain, meaning they would be delighted to hear and shop from you again! 

You can use Customer Tagger to automatically tag all the customers who used a BFCM discount code  this time last year, which will then allow you to save the customer segment. We have put a simple step by step guide on how to create this segment and backdate it to create your first marketing list. 

Black Friday Discount codes

This workflow will tag any customers who use a specific discount code within their order.

Click on the Create New Workflow button from the main Workflows view:

The trigger will be when orders are created, which means the workflow fires when the order is placed. 

Tap the Add criteria to my workflow button:


The Discount Code criteria can be found within the Transaction category in the Select criteria pop-up window:

Once you have added the Discount Code criteria, you can add in the name of the code used in last years sale, in this example our discount code was 'Black Friday'. Therefore we have set the workflow to say if the order contains a discount code with the phrase 'Black Friday', it should qualify for the tag: 

4. The next step is to decide what tag you would like to apply to these customer records. This tag can then be used to either create a customer group in Shopify, which can be used in Shopify Email. Or it can be used to create a segment in your email service provider.

In this example we will tag all the qualifying customers with '2019 Black Friday Shopper'

The final step is to give the workflows a name and press Save.

Applying the workflow to last years BFCM sale

Now the workflow has been created, you will need to backdate the workflows to cover all the sales placed within the BFCM sale last year. This date range will depend on how long you ran the sale for but for this example we assume the sale was over the weekend only. 

Go to Backdating on the main menu of the app. The first step here is to define your date range.

Here we are saying any orders placed between Thursday 28th November and Tuesday 3rd December will be included in this backdate. 

The next step is to define which workflows you would like to run on this backdate. The cost of a backdate is based on the volume of orders we have to process, so including more than 1 workflow will have no baring on the overall cost. However, to keep things simple and fast, we're going to select the workflow we made specifically.

Once you have done that, you can proceed to payment and that's it! You will get an email when the backdate is complete and you will then have your BFCM segment ready to go. 

To learn how to filter customers by tag or create a customer group, check out the articles below: 

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