How to create a Customer Group in Shopify

Why would I need to create a Customer Group?

Customer groups can be combined with discounts to offer promotions to specific customer groups. They can also help you target specific subscribers when you send marketing emails with Shopify Email.

Customer Tagger does not create Customer Groups or Customer Segments automatically,  it only applies tags to customers based on your workflows. You can, however, create Customer Groups within Shopify based on the tags that we apply to your customers.

How do I create a Customer Group in Shopify?

To create a Customer Group in Shopify, you will need to start by filtering your Customer view in the Shopify Admin area by the tag that each Customer must have to be part of the group.

To do this, read our knowledge base article about how to filter your Customer by a specific tag

Once you have filtered your customer list, follow the short instructions in this Shopify help document to save the results of the filter to create a Customer Group:

This will create a new filter tab at the top of your customer list. You can use the filter tabs to quickly sort your customers into groups. Your saved searches will also show in the Shopify app when you tap the search button.

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