How to create a discount for a Customer Group

Customer Tagger does not automatically create discounts for customers as part of the app, however, if you create a Customer Group in Shopify based on a particular customer tag then you can create a discount that is only eligible for members of that Customer Group:

To create a Customer Group, start by reading our article on creating Customer Groups.

Once you have a Customer Group that you'd like to make eligible for a discount, you are ready to create a discount in your Shopify Admin area.

When creating your discount in Shopify, within the  Customer eligibility section, select who the discount will apply to: everyone, specific groups of customers, or specific customers. 

Choose the Specific group of customers option:


As you start typing, you will see all Customer Groups that you have created matching the string of text that you have typed:


Select the group or groups of customers that you'd like to make eligible for the discount, fill in the remainder of the discount criteria and then save the discount.

That's it!

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