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Shipping Rates Calculator Plus has now released a new feature that can display the Local Pickup option when customers are purchasing products with a single variant.

Local pickup is an option to make it easy for your customers to pick up online orders at your retail store or any other location you specify. Please note that Local pick up would need to be set up from store admin settings ( Shipping and delivery).

Conditions to qualify for in-store pick-up:

  • If there are fewer than 20 stores
  • If all products are available from the same store
  • Products are in stock
  • Product with a single variant


To enable this feature in our app, you may go to the Advanced Preferences tab:

And then scroll down, where you will see the " Local Pickup" option. You need to click on the checkbox and then click the “Save” button.

Exclude products from the Local Pickup option

You can select the products which you want to exclude from the local pickup feature by clicking on the " Local Pickup Exclusion" button. You can filter by collection so it is easier to find the specific product you want. Click the "add to exclusion" button for adding them to the exclusion list.

In case you want to remove one of the products from the exclusion list, you can do so by finding the product in the dropdown list of the last field. Do not forget to click the " remove from exclusion" button so that the change is saved:

Location address

Note that the location address where the  local pickup is enabled must be a valid address or else a warning will appear (see image below).

Refresh the widget when these elements are used

Furthermore, in order for the widget to be updated when an action is taken on the website, the section " Refresh the widget when these elements are used" in the advanced preferences page needs to have the right selector. Kindly click on this article to learn more about it.

Note: In this example, the widget will refresh when any of the quantity buttons are clicked or when the delete item button is clicked.
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