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Now you can display a Shipping Rates Calculator Plus widget on your product pages.  

Note: This feature is still in Beta Version. Meaning that it is available for testing and feedback.

To enable the Product Widget, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Shipping Rates Calculator Plus app. Then click on the 'Product Widget' option:

2. Click the checkbox to Enable the Product Widget feature:

3. In the 'Location of Product Widget' section, click the link that leads to your product template in the Shopify Theme customizer.

Please note that not all themes support block extensions. If your theme does not support it, then we have to use selectors to place the widget. In order to find the right selector, you will need sufficient knowledge of web technologies (HTML and CSS) Check this article that explains How to obtain an element selector to add it to the WIdget location selector.  If you want assistance finding the location of your elements, please contact us. are always happy to help!

4. Once you're in the Product Template in your Shopify theme customizer, click on 'Add Block' in the left menu:

5. Look through the app's supported blocks. You'll find there the Product Widget block. Click it to add it to the Products page template:

You'll see the following widget displaying:

6. Save the changes made in the Theme Customizer.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • In order to use this feature, you have to set up shipping rates using your store currency in the Shopify system. Note that this feature does not work with third-party applications.
  • Currently, our app only supports the estimates in your own store's currency. So, if you're using currency convertors, the widget will reflect it only if you set the rates on the store's currency.

Note: Please adjust the widget customizations according to your preferences; checking them all is not mandatory. 

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