Get Started with Conjured Referrals


Create a fully automated referral program to reward your customers when their friends make purchases from your store.

Conjured Referrals is fully customizable to your branding. The following steps will walk you through how to set up the app and any available customization options.

Create your campaign

From the campaigns tab of the Conjured Referrals admin select Create New Campaign. From here you will set up the different options for the campaign.

  • Create an internal name for the campaign
  • Choose your campaign goal
  • Choose how the campaign is displayed
  • Choose the incentive the friend gets
  • Choose the incentive the advocate gets
  • Change the additional options

Campaign Goals

There are two campaign goals to choose from, these are what your advocates will be trying to get when referring your store to their friends.

More purchases

Your advocates will be sharing their referral links to incentivize their friends to make a purchase from your store. They will provide their links to their friends, equipped with a discount code. Once the friends make a purchase, using that discount code, the advocate will receive their own discount code to use for future purchases.

Newsletter Sign-ups

The advocate will share a link with friends to sign up for your newsletter. Once their friends have signed up, the advocate receives a discount code to use on future purchases. This is an excellent campaign to have before the store launches, or alongside a more purchases campaign. 

Display Type

These are the different ways that a campaign can be displayed to your customers. You can have only one of these options for each campaign, however, you can create multiple campaigns with each display type, so you can give your customers many different chances to share.

Additionally, a modal option can display the campaign on all pages of your store, this can be done by enabling the Conjured Referrals app embed on the theme customizer. See the Install your Campaign section of this article for more information.

Friend and Advocate Incentives

The friend and advocate incentives can be set up in two ways. 

  • Automatically-created discount codes - these will be created automatically for you do you don’t have to worry about them
  • Manually-added custom codes - upload your custom discount codes to the app, which will then be distributed to your customers. This can be useful if you have preexisting discount codes or discount codes used for other apps that don’t integrate with Shopify’s discount codes.

Additionally, Advocates have additional options available for their incentives.

  • Automatically created gift card - requires Shopify Plus to take advantage of this feature.
  • No Reward/Manual Rewards - if you’d like to provide a reward manually (sending a free gift to your advocates) you can use this option.

Additional Options

There are various additional options available to customize your campaign:

  • Only allow one claim per referral - this limits how many friends can claim the discount code 
  • Maximum allowed advocate rewards - limits the number of rewards an advocate can receive from their referrals
  • Advocate reward ratio - set how many successful referrals an advocate must get before they receive their reward
  • Referral link type - choose whether a referral link is unique to each referral or unique to each advocate.

Install your campaign

There are a few ways to display your campaign, and they may require some installation or testing to be complete before displaying. You can view the installation instructions in the Shopify Admin for each campaign that you have created. To get to the installation instructions, follow these steps:

  1. From the Shopify Admin select Apps > Conjured Referrals.
  2. On the left-hand sidebar choose Campaigns.
  3. From the Campaigns page choose the campaign you want to view by selecting Details.
  4. Select Installation Instructions.
  5. Select Show More on the first option “Display your program”

From here you can also get information about testing your referral on yourself, as well as best practices for launching.

Customizing your campaign

There are a few options for customizing your campaign

Appearance Settings

Under Appearance Settings, you can completely customize the display for your campaign. There are multiple preset templates and layouts, and you can choose the font. You can change the content of the display as well. For the preset templates, there’s also the option to add custom CSS.

You are also able to choose a Custom Layout. With this, you can use HTML to completely customize how the display looks.

Email Settings

Under Email Settings, you can edit the emails that are sent out through the app. Emails are preset with basic content and no styling. You can completely customize the content of the email, as well as use HTML to change the styling and layout of the emails.

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