Automatically Create a Customer Segment in Shopify


Customer Segments are a good way to target your marketing based on customer behaviour. With Customer Tagger, you can automatically tag customers based on various triggers and criteria. You can now automatically create a Customer Segment in Shopify based on the tags that you set for the workflows.

Set Up

When you are creating a workflow in Customer Tagger, you will be given an option to automatically create a Customer Segment. When selected, you will see confirmation in the Workflow Summary that the segment will be created.

Note: The segment must have a name, which will be used to identify the Customer Segment in Shopify.


  • Dynamic tags are not compatible with filters for Customer Segments. If you only have dynamic tags, the customer segment will not filter correctly. If you have both fixed tags and dynamic tags, only the fixed tags will be used to filter the Customer Segment.

Additional Information

  • The Workflow Summary will show when the customer segment will be created, deleted or updated.
  • When you change the fixed tags on a workflow, it will update the Customer Segment.
  • If you unselect the Customer Segment option in the workflow, the Segment will then be removed in Shopify.
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