Does Conjured Referrals integrate with CloudSponge?

Yes! The email address field on your Conjured Referrals form can include a button that lets your visitors easily add emails directly from their address book. You only need to add a bit of script just after your existing Conjured Referrals script.

Append the  better-sharing-shopify-conjured-referrals.js script to your Conjured Referrals installation, add your CloudSponge key, and CloudSponge will take care of the rest.

In your Shopify account, locate your Conjured Referrals script and add the Better Sharing script immediately after it.

<script src="" data-key="[YOUR_KEY_FROM_CLOUDSPONGE]" crossorigin="anonymous"> </script>

Don’t forget to replace  [YOUR_KEY_FROM_CLOUDSPONGE] with your key from CloudSponge. 

That’s it! Save your changes and verify it on your form.

Feel free to reach out to us at if you need any help. 

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