What is the best way to launch my referral program?

Referral marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business. Not only are customers four times more likely to purchase when sent by a friend, but a word-of-mouth marketing program forms a positive feedback loop. When advocates share, the people they share with are more likely to become advocates themselves, creating a cycle of loyal customers.

These are a few tips that we’ve learned from our years as a top-rated app on Shopify which will ensure you have a successful and sustainable referral program for your business. 

  1. Start with a Custom Page campaign. Page campaigns tend to out-perform all other campaign types, particularly when linked from your navigation with a compelling value proposition such as "Get $20 Off" or "Free $$$". You can also create a direct advertising funnel to guide existing customers to the campaign page, thus turning loyal customers into advocates
  2. Offer a compelling incentive! Put yourself in your customer's place and think about what you could offer that would get both the advocate and their friend excited. We offer a standard percentage or dollar amount off, and you can also enable a manual reward if you want to get creative. 
  3. Market your referral program to get the loop started. Setting up the program is easy, the marketing is what most businesses lack. A weak rollout almost always leads to an unsuccessful program. Spend time getting the word out about this program to bring in your strongest advocates. 

Remember that our team is always here to help. We offer styling services Can I customize the referral program to match my store's look and feel? - Shop Circle (helpscoutdocs.com). We’re a nimble team that’s always improving, feel free to reach out if you ever find that there’s ever something not available which you’d like to see. 

Looking for inspiration? Here are some awesome stores using our app:




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