How do I embed my referral program into my Thank You page?

Yes, this is possible! You'll need to start by creating a Custom Page campaign. 

Once you've done that, take note of the widget code on the Installation Instructions page - in particular, locate your store's "" URL and the campaign ID (this is the "cmp" parameter). Then go to Settings > Checkout > Additional Scripts in your Shopify dashboard and adding the following:

<script src=""></script><script>
function conjuredReferralExternal(conjuredContainer) {
                if(typeof(Shopify) !== 'undefined') {
                    if(Shopify.checkout !== undefined && Shopify.checkout) {
                        if(Shopify.checkout.credit_card !== undefined && Shopify.checkout.credit_card) {
                            jQuery('#conjured_referral #conjured_referral_name').val(Shopify.checkout.credit_card.first_name + ' ' + Shopify.checkout.credit_card.last_name);

                        } else if(Shopify.checkout.shipping_address !== undefined && Shopify.checkout.shipping_address) {
                            jQuery('#conjured_referral #conjured_referral_name').val(Shopify.checkout.shipping_address.first_name + ' ' + Shopify.checkout.shipping_address.last_name);
                        jQuery('#conjured_referral #conjured_referral_email').val(;
        '<div id="conjured_referral"></div>'
<script src=""></script>

Where you replace YOURSTORE with your domain and YOURCAMPAIGNID with the ID of your campaign. If you have any trouble with it, please don't hesitate to contact us at we'd be happy to do the implementation for you!

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