I searched Shopify but can't find a discount code created by Conjured Referrals. What gives?

Unfortunately, Shopify has had a bug in their discount search for the last few years, and it hasn't yet been fixed. For some reason, searching for certain discount codes returns nothing, even when the discount code does actually exist.

In order to get around this problem, you'll need to go to the Reward Codes tab of your campaign in Conjured Referrals and search for the discount code there. 

When you find it, click the "View in Shopify" link next to the discount. That will open the discount code in Shopify.


If you get an error "There was a problem loading this page" after you click "View in Shopify", try refreshing the page. This is an issue within Shopify. Refreshing the page often this solves the problem.

If you're receiving an error that says "Reward has been deleted in Shopify.", that's an indication that someone has manually deleted the discount code from the Shopify Discounts section, but not deleted it in the app. 

Your options in this case are to either delete the discount in Conjured Referrals (assuming it has not yet been assigned) or to manually add it back to Shopify.

The final error you might receive is "An unknown error has occurred. Please try again.". This error indicates there's an issue with Shopify's API that is beyond our control. Shopify typically solves the problem quickly, so trying again in a few minutes should solve the problem. If you're consistently getting this error, please email us at support@shopcircle.co.

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