Does Conjured Referrals integrate with Shopify Flow?

Yes! If you're on Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus, you can leverage the Shopify Flow app to create automations and "flows" with your referral program.

Currently, Conjured Referrals offers 5 triggers:

  • Advocate Signup - Trigger when an advocate enters their name/email address in your referral program.
  • Friend Signup - Trigger when a friend enters their name/email address to claim a discount code in your referral program.
  • Advocate Shared - Trigger when an Advocate shares a referral link.
  • Successful Newsletter Referral - Trigger after a Friend signs up to the newsletter campaign, when the Advocate Reward Email is sent. 
  • Successful Referral - Trigger after a Friend orders using their claimed discount, if the order isn't cancelled/refunded, when the Advocate Reward Email is sent.

These 4 triggers enable you to create a slew of custom features that don't come native with Conjured Referrals. Here are a couple of ideas for flows you can create:

  • Keep track of Advocates to send custom gifts to - In some cases, you may want to offer your advocates a non-discount, non-gift card reward for referring their friends. For example, you could offer an Amazon gift card, or cash via PayPal, instead. Using our "Successful Referral" trigger in conjunction with a Google Sheets connector, you can add successful referrals to a spreadsheet so that your team can keep track of which Advocates to send your custom gift to.
  • Add a Slack message when a successful referral is made - Using the Slack connector, you can trigger a message to be added to specific Slack channel whenever a successful referral is made.

If you have an idea for a trigger or action you'd like us to add, or have a unique way you're leveraging Shopify Flow with Conjured Referrals, let us know at! We'd love to hear from you.

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