How do I integrate my Klaviyo account with Conjured Referrals?

Set Up

To integrate Klaviyo, you'll need an API public and secret key, and the list ID for the list to which you want the Advocate and Friend to be subscribed.

Start by logging in to your Klaviyo dashboard and clicking "Account" in the upper right-side navigation.

Then click the "API Keys" menu option from the Settings dropdown. Click the "Create API Key" button to generate a new API key. Your Public API Key is listed in the top paragraph on that page and your Private API Key will be listed in the table row down below. Copy both API keys.

Next, navigate to your Lists, click the List you want to sign your Advocates/Friends up to, and click on the Settings link. Copy your List ID.

Finally, log into Conjured Referrals, click the Integrations menu option, and scroll down to the Klaviyo Integration section, and enter all the values you retrieved. Don't forget to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page when you're done!

Additional Information

Integrating Klaviyo and Conjured Referrals allows you to send customer emails to Klaviyo if they agree to sign up for marketing news letters.

The integration also allows Conjured Referrals to send various events to Klaviyo. Here are the different events:

  • Advocate Signup
  • Referral Shared
  • Successful Referral
  • Friend Signup
  • Referral Discount Used
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