Does Conjured Referrals work with ReCharge Subscriptions?

Yes! Conjured Referrals will work with Subscriptions by ReCharge

If you're using v2 of Recharge, then you don't need to do anything to enable the integration with Recharge. Because v2 of Recharge uses Shopify's own checkout, any discount codes created within Shopify will automatically be usable with Recharge products as well. However, discount codes may not be able to be applied after the subscription order has gone through (through ReCharge's app admin or through their customer portal).

If you're using v1 of Recharge, you'll need to follow the instructions below.

By default, when you select "Automatically-Created Discount" as the reward option for your Advocates/Friends, Conjured Referrals creates discount codes within Shopify. When you enable the ReCharge integration, Conjured Referrals will also create these discounts within ReCharge for use on subscriptions.

To get started, you'll need an API key from ReCharge. You generate a new key by going to the Integrations tab in the ReCharge app, and clicking "API Tokens".

You can generate a new code by clicking the "Create an API token" button, or you can retrieve an existing API key. 

Either way, make sure that you have the "Discounts" permission set to "Read and Write".

Once you have your API key, navigate to the Integrations page of Conjured Referrals, enable ReCharge integration, and paste your API key into the field.

Once you've added your ReCharge API key and saved your changes, head over to your Campaign and click the Details tab. Under both the Friend and the Advocate reward sections, make sure you have "Automatically-Created Discount" selected, then check the box to "Also create discount codes in ReCharge".

Note that ReCharge does not support minimum order value or limiting discount codes to specific products/collections, so any discounts created within ReCharge will not be subject to those campaign parameters.

If you need any help with integration, don't hesitate to email us at for assistance.

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