Get Started with Shipping Rates Calculator+


Shipping Rate Calculator Plus displays your Shipping Rates on the cart page by using geolocation to display rates for your customer’s location. This gives your customer an informed choice about shipping rates before going to the checkout.

The app is simple to use and set up, all you need to do is install it, and you should start seeing the widget on the cart page. There are ways you can customize the app, see below for some of those options.

Visual Preferences

By default Shipping Rates Calculator Plus will pull colours and styles from your theme to style the widget. However, you have the ability to change the styling of the widget. Here are some options you can change:

  • Colour of many parts of the widget (background, text, border, etc.)
  • Change the font colour, family, weight, size
  • Resize the map, or remove it entirely
  • Add horizontal lines to add separation to some sections of the widget

In addition to the above, you can also add custom CSS to any section of the editor.

You are also able to add a Shipping Note if you need to let your customers know something specific in regards to Shipping.

Real-Time Carriers

On this page, you can choose options for real-time carriers, including the following:

  • Estimated date and time of delivery
  • Add a buffer day if you ship your products a few days later
  • Set the max hour in which you will ship products. After that time it will add an extra day to the estimation.
  • Allow shipping on Saturdays to factor in Saturday for the shipping calculations.

Advanced Preferences

This page allows you to change some additional settings:

  • Change the location of the widget (you can have a different location on desktop and mobile)
  • Support Drawer and Pop-Up carts
  • Refresh the widgets when certain elements are used - This allows the widget to be updated when the cart is dynamically updated (quantity, etc.)
  • Change the display of the prices
  • Change the message for when shipping rates are not available
  • Enable Fast Loading
  • Auto-Configure the widget when the theme changes


You will want to test to ensure that Shipping Rates Calculator Plus works after it has been installed. To test, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify store front.
  2. Find a product and add it to the cart.
  3. If you have a drawer or pop-up cart and you have enabled support for it, you should see how it looks now.
  4. Go to the cart page (
  5. You should see the widget show up in the location you selected. (By default it will be at the bottom of the cart page)
  6. It should auto-detect your current location and show you shipping rates for this location.
  7. You should then select “Not Shipping to Location?” and select a different location.
  8. Compare these shipping rates with the ones in your Shopify admin to ensure that they match up. If they don’t you may need to refresh the shipping rates cache under Advanced Preferences.
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