Why is Shipping Rates Calculator+ displaying a rate named “CEP inválido, tente novamente!”?

In case you see a shipping rate named “ CEP inválido, tente novamente!”, we would like to inform you that this rate is coming directly from the third-party app Correios that you use to configure your shipping rates in Brazil. The Correios app adds this shipping rate when the entered zip code is not recognized. Apparently, this behavior of the Correios app cannot be changed and, whenever an unrecognized postal code is provided, this rate will be displayed in the Shipping Rates Calculator+ app and in the Shopify checkout pages.

If you go to the bottom of your Correios app configuration, you will see where this additional shipping rate is configured:

Showing that amount as an additional shipping rate is not a good idea, as a customer can continue the checkout process and finish the purchase with an invalid postal code, being charged R$999,99 as shipping costs.

Normally, when a postal code is not valid, Shopify Shipping simply displays an error message, and it is reflected accordingly in our Shipping Rates Calculator+ app as well:

We would suggest you to contact Correios support to confirm whether this can be changed in order to show an error message instead of an additional shipping rate.

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that the Shipping Rates Calculator+ widget displays the shipping rates as they are configured in your Shopify admin. You can check that by going to your checkout page, where you will see the same shipping rates displayed. For more information, check the following article: How to check that Shipping Rates Calculator+ is working good

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