Does the Turbo theme performance mode affect the app?

The Turbo theme has a particular mechanism for loading the pages, which may cause apps to stop working under certain circumstances. This happens particularly with the Ludicrous mode. This is documented in this article:

For that reason, we suggest setting Sport as the performance mode to ensure compatibility with third-party apps:

If you decide to use the Ludicrous mode, our app should still work out-of-the-box. However, if you detect that it is not refreshing correctly on every click, you can still make our app work properly by adding the following code:

if (window.codeblackbelt) {delete window.codeblackbelt['shipping-rates-calculator-plusLoaded'];}

to the Custom third-party scripts section in the theme configuration:

Our app will do our best to set these properties properly during the installation process, but if you still cannot make them work as expected, contact us, and we will help with the configuration.

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