How can I show or hide the shipping rates amounts and tune their styles?

In Shipping Rates Calculator+, showing or hiding the shipping rates and tuning their styles is possible. These options can be found in the Visual Preferences section:

If the shipping rate amount is enabled, the widget will look similar to this screenshot:

If you don't want to show the shipping rates amounts, you can disable them:

In that case, the widget will look similar to this screenshot:

You can also tune the colors of the shipping rate text and the shipping rate amounts:

For example, if we change the color of the shipping rate name to white and the color of the shipping rate amount to black, the widget will now look like this screenshot:

If you click on advanced styles options, you will be able to see some additional style options:

You can show the shipping rate names and amounts in bold, and you can also customize the styles of the shipping rate names and amounts by adding CSS styles here in JSON format.

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