Tag orders based on a Staff Members ID

It's quite common for Shopify stores to have multiple sales people creating draft orders.

There are many reasons why a Store Owner may wish to identify which team member was responsible for the order, therefore adding that Sales persons name, region or code as a tag to the order is a quick and simple way to achieve this.

We do have a criteria within Order Tagger that can help with this called Staff Member's User ID which can be found within the Other category in the Select criteria pop-up window:

Click the Use in your workflow button to select this criteria.

How to find out the Staff ID of your members of staff

To find out the ID of each Staff Member, you would need to look in your Shopify Admin area at each Staff account. To view each member of Staff, go to:

Shopify Admin Settings Plan and permissions and then scroll down to the Permissions section.

Click on the link of each member of staff and you will be taken to their Staff account page. Their unique Staff ID will be at the end of the URL in your browser, e.g. 


Adding the Staff ID to the criteria

If I wanted to tag orders with  Steve if the above Staff user ID is assigned to the order, then the workflow I create in Order Tagger would look something like this:

Once your workflow has been set up with the mapped user id's and tags, orders will be tagged based on whether there was a match of that Staff ID in the order data.

You will need to create a new workflow for each staff member's id and corresponding tag.

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