Tag orders based on the allocated fulfillment location(s)

The allocated fulfillment location(s) criteria can be used to tag an order based on the location that has been assigned by Shopify as the fulfillment location when the order is created.

The  allocated fulfillment location(s) can be determined in 2 ways:

  1. Automatically assigned by Shopify based on availability of inventory
  2. Selected by the Customer choosing the local pickup option during checkout

Please Note:

The Allocated order fulfilment location(s) criteria will only look at fulfillments in the open status. If you have fulfillments that are closed, this criteria will ignore them.

Customising the criteria

This criteria has been created to allow Merchants to specify if a fulfillment location either IS or IS NOT one of the fulfillment locations allocated by Shopify.

This allocated fulfillment location(s) criteria can be found within the Fulfillment category in the Select criteria pop-up window:

Click the Use in your workflow button to select this criteria.

On selecting this criteria, the fulfillment locations configured in your store will be populated into a dropdown list:


Select a fulfillment location and then choose either includes or does not include from the dropdown list on the left.

This will determine if the workflow should match an order that includes that fulfillment location, or, if the workflow should match an order where the fulfillment locations do not include the selected fulfillment location:


Once you have customised the criteria (you can add multiple criteria to a single workflow if necessary), specify a tag name, give your workflow a title and then hit Save!

Dynamic Tags

Allocated fulfillment location names can also be applied onto an order dynamically as tags using our Dynamic Tags feature.

If there are multiple allocated fulfillment locations assigned to an order, then each of them will be applied as a separate tag:



This criteria can be used when backdating your orders, however, if you have changed any of the allocated fulfillment locations since the order was first created, the workflow will only pick-up the latest allocated fulfillment locations and not the locations originally allocated.

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