Tag orders placed by first time customers

First impressions are everything, so when an order is placed by a new customer you have the opportunity to really wow them. Something as simple as a welcome note, a few additional pieces of brand collateral or even a welcome gift / gift with purchase (GWP), will go a long way in building critical brand loyalty.

Create a new workflow

Select the Create new workflow button from the dashboard of the app.

Tagging first-time customers is one of our most popular workflows, so we already have a preset workflow that you will see on the presets screen called First-time customers:

Click on Build a workflow with this preset and you will be taken to the workflow builder. it will already contain the Order is the customers first criteria and the defined tag first-time-customer:

Define the trigger

The trigger is the action that kicks off the rule and in this case, it has been preset to when the order is created

Amend this if you need a different trigger.

Defining the tag

If you'd prefer to define your own tag, then just remove the preset tag and add your own:

Don't forget to click the Add fixed tag button!

Naming your rule

We always recommend that you give your rule a name to make it easy to identify within your list of Order Tagger rules. We have preset this one, but feel free to change it:

Hit save, that's it! 

Will this rule work with Backdating?

Yes, this rule is available to backdate. However, you may want to add additional criteria to include customers who have only placed 1 order on your store in total. 

What is backdating?

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