Recently Processed Orders view

The Recently Processed Orders view within the Order Tagger app is where you can find more details about how Order Tagger has processed an order.

It can be used to check and make sure that your workflows are set-up correctly and that your orders are being tagged as expected.

It's also a good way to prove that we have received and processed the order, especially if there are other apps in your store that also apply tags to the order. With multiple apps adding order tags, this can occasionally result in tags being overwritten. See our article on Delayed Tagging for our native solution to that.

Click on the Recently Processed Orders tab in the main navigation:

A list of the most recently processed orders will be displayed, however, you can search for a specific order by number:

Each order will display the date and time it was processed by the app along with the trigger used for the webhook.

It will also display those tags that have been added to the order:

Tags that have been removed:

Orders that have been processed without any tags being added or removed will also be listed:

There are a couple of useful links in this Recently Processed Order view.

Quick link to view all orders with a specific tag in your Shopify admin area:

Quick link to view the order in your Shopify admin area

And that's it! It will redirect you to the order information in your Shopify Admin.

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