What are Customer Accounts in Shopify?

Customer accounts are not that straight forward to understand in Shopify.

A customer placing an order with your store for the first time is not deemed as having an account on your store, unless you have required them to register an account before being able to place an order.

If someone registers an account on your store using a URL like this:


...then they are deemed as having a Customer account.

Likewise, if a Customer places an order and you then send them an invite to register an account, then they too will be deemed as having a Customer account.

So, it may seem like semantics, but if you are using our when a new customer registers an account trigger, then it will only apply to customers that sign up and activate an account on your store:

If you are interested in tagging a customer when they place their first order on your store, then you can use our Order is the customers first criteria when building your workflow:

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