Appending tags to the customer note field

The Customer Notes field in your Shopify admin area, allows you to store information about a customer that can be used for internal communication, such as a customer's preferences.


How do I enable the Customer Notes feature?

If all of the criteria within a workflow are met, the Append tags to the Customer Note field feature will append any fixed or/and dynamic tags specified within the workflow to the bottom of your Customer Notes field.

The feature is available within the Add tags when the workflow matches a section of the workflow builder, underneath the Dynamic tags to be applied section:

What will be appended to the customer notes section?

The tags will be appended to the Customer Notes field in the following format:

Tags: my customer tag

If multiple tags are applied to the customer, it will be in the following format:

Tags: my first customer tag, my second customer tag

If we have previously applied tags to the customer Notes field, it will be in the following format:

Tags: my first customer tag, my second customer tag<br>Tags: my third customer tag

Here is how the Customer Notes field will appear in the Shopify Admin area:



By default, we will prefix the tags to be applied to your Customer Notes field with the word Tags:

If you would like to remove or change this prefix, then you can do so in the main Settings area of the Customer Tagger app:


Clear the field if you'd prefer to apply your tags to Customer Notes without a prefix.

Will this overwrite existing Customer Note data?

In short, no. We will only ever append the tag information at the end of any existing data in the Customer Notes field.

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