Criteria, features and triggers that are incompatible with backdating

Triggers that are incompatible with Backdating

There are certain workflow triggers in Customer Tagger that are not compatible with backdating. 

When running a backdate, if any of your workflows contain a trigger from the list below, then, unfortunately, those workflows will not be part of the backdating process.

List of incompatible triggers

The incompatible triggers are:

  • Customer Created - Any workflow which uses the when a new customer is created trigger.
  • Customer Registers an Account - Any workflow which uses the when a new customer registers an account trigger.
  • Customer Activated - Any workflow which uses the When an existing customer activates a customer account trigger.
  • Cart Abandoned - Any workflow which uses the When a customer abandons a cart trigger.

Features that are incompatible with backdating

Scheduled tag removals

Scheduled tag removals do not currently work with backdating. 

If you are running a backdate and select a workflow that uses the scheduled tag removal feature, then the workflow will run, however, the tag removal will not be scheduled. We have not been able to find a way to offer this as an option at this point in time.

Read more about scheduled tag removals

Criteria that are incompatible with Backdating

Similarly to triggers, some of the criteria that can be used in the workflow builder are not compatible with backdating. This is largely due to certain data being dynamic and not being stored in the order data at the time the order was placed. Therefore, running the workflow on the order at a later date would provide inconsistent or unreliable results.

List of incompatible criteria

Compare at price / Sale products Criteria - Any workflows which use the Sale products criteria will not be available for backdating. This is due to the dynamic nature of product pricing, where some products go on sale frequently.

A product that was on sale at the time the order was placed might not be on sale at the point when the backdate is run. As Shopify does not record the compare at price of products at the time they were purchased, we don't know if the product was at full price or at a sale price when the order was placed.

Backdating can only look at the price that the product is at now, therefore, as this would return inconsistent results, we have decided to not make this available through our Backdating facility:

Order is the customers first - This criteria is true when the customer makes their first order. The criteria looks for and matches when the number of orders by that customer is one. If the customer then makes subsequent orders, this criteria will not match when used in a Backdating workflow or the Test your Workflow feature:

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