How long does backdating take to complete?

The time it takes for a backdate to complete depends on three factors:

  1. The number of orders to be processed
  2. The number of workflows to be processed
  3. The type of workflows being processed

When a backdating process is started, Customer Tagger will retrieve all of the orders it needs to perform the backdate before checking each one to see if it qualifies for a workflow. 

The data required for the majority of tagging workflows can be retrieved via a single call to the Shopify API. This call will return the Order JSON which we can then run your tagging workflows against. However, in the examples below, Customer Tagger needs to make a second API call to gather further data to determine if any action needs to be taken on the order:

  • Collections
  • Inventory counts
  • Product Tags
  • Product Type

Below is an estimate of how many orders can be processed in an hour depending on the type of workflows being used. 

Time Type of workflows # orders processed
1 hour Single API calls 20,000 p/h
1 hour Multiple API calls 1,500 p/h


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